Travelogue – in search of Selati lions

“One thing which remains crystal clear in my mind is the moment when I first set eyes on Shaka and his nephew Mopani; coalition leaders of the Selati pride …”

Full and content after a recent kill, they lay majestically; high up on a rocky platform, glowing golden in the late afternoon sunlight.  Movement was limited to the occasional flick of the tail or shake of the mane, as they proudly surveyed their domain.  I sat in silence, watching in awe and wishing that the zoom on my camera was just a little bit longer or the magnification on my binoculars slightly better.


Lions Limpopo South Africa by Charlotte Gale                  Lion Limpopo South Africa by Charlotte Gale                   Lion Limpopo South Africa by Charlotte Gale

However, I need not have worried, for, following some smart deduction by our expert tracker, we moved off as the sun was finally beginning to dip behind the Koppie (rocky outcrop in otherwise flat landscape) and as we rounded the corner, I heard a methodical rustle in the bushes to the left and the two lions walked out onto the track directly behind me, swishing the grass with their long tails as they went.

And thus began the first of my encounters with the pride of Selati.

Charlotte Gale, Selati Reserve, Limpopo, South Africa


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